Fun with and SubEthaEdit

I just begun to experiment with Processing. Though the build in editor is good it’s just not like my favorite editor SubEthaEdit, but fortunately the Developers of Processing thought about that, too. You can just set a flag in the Preferences of Processing ( by Pressing ‚åò + ; ) to use an external Editor.
Now if you open a sketch you can not edit it in Processing any more, but you can open the *.pde files with the editor of your choice. Just remember to save them before you Run the sketch again.
And now I have something for you:
I just created a “Processing PDE Mode” for syntax coloring in SubEthaEdit. It is heavily based on the standard Java.mode file but if I/You find some keywords that should be highlighted don’t bother to write me.

Processing PDE Mode.dmg Version 1.0, 50k

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  1. amok’s avatar

    The link is broken – any chance to get that fixed?

  2. florian’s avatar

    fixed. hm. i should look at my comments more often. sorry.